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这题的答案依次是 1.send 2.receive 3.turn 4.connect 5.programme 6.Click 7.Type 8.who 9.icon 10.sent

Today millions of people are turning to email from letter writing.They believe that email is much more convenient and far faster than regular letters.But I would like to state that I prefer writing letters on real paper,using r...

A, Which is better,emails or hand-written letters? B. I think it's email. A. Why do you think so? B. Because emails are quick and convenient. We can communicate with others freely and efficiently. A. Right, emails are popular w...

网友都在找: have you got used to emails 登录 还没有百度账号?立即注册 知道日报 全部文章 精彩知识在知道 百度知道品牌合作指南 【真相问答机】,揭穿流言...

等于How about writing an E-mail?


writing an email be(am\is\are)+doing 这是现在进行时

邮件主题 邮件主题(subject)不需要写自己的名字。名字是在邮件系统设置里设定好的,在发件时会替换显示实际地址,所以无需在主题里再写一遍。 [关键内容是...

你好! she's writing an email她写一封电子邮件

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