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这题的答案依次是 1.send 2.receive 3.turn 4.connect 5.programme 6.Click 7.Type 8.who 9.icon 10.sent

Today millions of people are turning to email from letter writing.They believe that email is much more convenient and far faster than regular letters.But I would like to state that I prefer writing letters on real paper,using r...

A, Which is better,emails or hand-written letters? B. I think it's email. A. Why do you think so? B. Because emails are quick and convenient. We can communicate with others freely and efficiently. A. Right, emails are popular w...

I主语 will not read谓语 emails宾语 that are not written in a way 是that引导的定语从句修饰emails that is similar to that found in this email. 是that引导的定语从句修饰 way,第二个that是代词,指代way,

5----7 BCC 电子邮件使写信这种古老而传统的沟通方式又恢复了生机,但用电子邮件写信也带来了一些新的问题,专家们对此也有不同的看法。本文就陈述了这些不同的观点。5.B 主旨大意题。根据...but some experts think the resulting spread of b...

writing an email be(am\is\are)+doing 这是现在进行时

你老师说得对,的确要去掉to,因为这里考察的知识点是双宾结构,即两个宾语。 如果是write an email to me这种语序就要用介词to,这道题里面动词后面直接跟人称代词,后边的宾语就不用加介词了。

this is an the writing dad study in email

We're all very busy today. Dad is writing an email on the computer. 今天我们都很忙。爸爸正在电脑上写一封电子邮件。 双语例句 1 That sounds special, but we're all very busy. we'll take a raincheck. 听起来很特别,但我们太忙,咱们...

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . 他正在书房里写邮件。

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